Sweet  Crude Rum*

Sweet Crude Rum*

Sweet Crude Rum is our award-winning small-batch white rum and is produced using sugar cane grown right here in Acadiana! So what sets Sweet Crude apart from all the other white rums out there? We think it boils down to three things:

1) No blackstrap molasses. Blackstrap molasses is the final byproduct of sugar processing. Its limited utility throughout history made it popular as a raw material for rum production, particularly by the British colonies in the Caribbean. Founder and distiller, David C. Meaux, discovered that the rums he enjoyed were more akin to the French Caribbean styles, made from sugar cane juice itself! The quest then became to formulate a repeatable fermentation that was as close to actual sugar cane juice as possible without being limited to the brief harvest season; that meant high-quality syrup and raw sugar. After exhaustive research, trial and error, Sweet Crude was born!

2) All natural flavor. Sweet Crude is a white rum, not a spiced rum. The distillers at Rank Wildcat Spirits do not add anything to Sweet Crude to artificially sweeten or enhance it. As mentioned above, these fermentations are not molasses-based, but are focused more on the sugar cane itself, resulting in a distillate that is flavorful and fragrant by its very nature. Acadiana sugar cane is what makes Sweet Crude special and that is the only flavor Meaux wants it to channel!

3) Artisan-crafted. Rank Wildcat Spirits, LLC is Louisiana’s smallest rum distillery. Consequently, the production of Sweet Crude is intimately monitored and controlled at every level, from distillation to bottling. The result is a clean, smooth, organic spirit unlike any white rum out there. We are proud of our craft product and believe it belongs in your glass!

Those three aspects combine to realize a truly unique spirit. You cannot beat the smooth, sweet richness of our Sweet Crude Rum. Feel free to add it to your favorite cocktail as the perfect refreshment, but we think it does just fine on its own. As we like to say : “If it ain’t broke, don’t mix it!”

Black Gold Single Harvest Blend Rum

Black Gold Single Harvest Blend Rum

First Batch, bottled in 11/2014

Anytime great things happen in small spaces, innovation never stops! Rank Wildcat's Black Gold Single Harvest Blend is aged with hand-charred American white oak staves harvested from whiskey barrels. Like always, the Rank Wildcat distillers start with premium Louisiana sugarcane to make their fermentation. Then, they run it through their handmade still, Lulu and put the rum over the oak staves. Think of it this way: instead of putting the rum in a barrel, they are putting the barrel in the rum! After close monitoring, when the staves have done their job, the rum finishes its maturation in 10 gallon barrels. In a matter of months rather than years, the product passes the distillers' standards, taking on wonderful flavors and hues from its interaction with the wood. With hints of pipe tobacco and vanilla, Black Gold has just the right bite. Look for it on shelves today!



Rank Wildcat is proud to be the first rum distillery to acquire all of our raw materials exclusively from M. A. Patout and Son, LTD, which was started in 1825 and is the oldest and largest family-owned sugar mill in Louisiana. Patout’s involvement is a source of great pride for Rank Wildcat Spirits and legitimizes our status as a grassroots Acadiana operation!

Learn more about M. A. Patout and Son, LTD here.

*Sweet Crude Rum is 100% GLUTEN FREE!